Monday, July 18, 2011

The Greatest Generation That Ever Lived.

  No it's not your Grandpa that stormed the beaches on D-Day. It's you and me, it's every person that's ever been screwed by the system. Every person that spent months in jail on a drug charge, or couldn't go to college because they couldn't afford it, it's every person that almost died because they waited until the last minute to go to the hospital because they didn't have insurance.
  People, they root for this and that party, for the liberal or conservative movements. This is the saddest thing to see, a person fooled by the media or his government into zealously fighting directly against their own interests. It's every person that went to bed hungry at night, because their government thought it more important to fight for oil and lithium deposits, than to feed its people. For every person who had to come home and tell their family that they were going to lose their house, and then watched from an apartment as Congress spent trillions on saving a bank. For every person who paid their taxes, and watched them fund executive bonuses and such extravagances that most of us will never know. This is the greatest generation.
  The American people are like German shepherds, you can try to train us, you may even kennel us, but fuck with us too many times, and we will rip your throat out. The only question is when.
 When will we realize that the governments authority is NOT inherent? That governments power is derived from "the consent of those who are governed". How many times must we be spat on and kicked before it is too much?
  This is the greatest generation. We will topple the tallest of giants, and the biggest monsters, and not because we are idealists that romanticize our philosophies, but because we were given no other options. The choice is simple it always has been. Either we fight for what we believe in, our we hand down to our children the same system which has betrayed us our entire lives. This is a call to arms brothers, and we will not fail.

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